How to be Fresh Online (dance?)

‘Salsa Dancing’ by Jayne Ifeacho

I’m perching on the arm of a chair, in between dances.  I watch the couples stepping back and forth, turning, twirling, and smiling, energised by the music and the movement of their own bodies.

♪ ♫ La salsa. ♪ ♫ Happy music. This was me last week on a special night out. It was such fun.

Today Africando is playing on You Tube as I draft this post. I keep jumping up to shake a leg. Both legs.

The Internet has revolutionised our lives. I’m sure there are pockets of humanity who are as yet unaware of the wonder of the web. But for us reading Scoutie Girl it has made the world bigger and smaller all at the same time. I, for one, am grateful for the opportunities it has brought my way – working with great minds, making new friends from across the globe, and encouraging and enthusing other creative souls in both hemispheres while listening to my laptop.

And mobile technology is taking it further. In the morning I can reach for my smartphone to check my inbox. If there’s anything that needs doing sharpish I note it and get on with my day as intended. Before, I’d have to fire up my laptop to do that. But once I did I would fall down a digital rabbit hole, and two hours later have all sorts of pages open and my to do list very undone.

I use simple systems to bring structure to my life, otherwise it becomes this mass of possibility. Like a big blob of jelly. What shall I do now? Who shall I speak to now? What experience would I like now? Online tools and applications are a huge help. That’s why I’m a raving fan of Evernote, Buffer, and the little task bar on my Google Apps email account.

But it doesn’t feel good to me to be perpetually online. What about you? I need to fill up my creative tank, find raw material for my imagination, give and receive hugs, and I need to move my body. I’m wired for the sheer pleasure and physicality of dance, and I’m wired for spending time with living, breathing people.

Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to be intentional in lining up our use of technology with our values, dreams, and desires.

To be fresh online we have to get fresh air, fresh experiences, and fresh conversations offline.

Does technology ever get in the way of your time with people or does it help? How do you keep yourself feeling fresh and alive so that you can integrate online you with offline you?

– – –

Enjoy the holidays! And perhaps a dance or two?

4 thoughts on “How to be Fresh Online (dance?)

  1. Jayne, you really hit home when you spoke of the rabbithole. Although I’m not as techno savvy as most (I still have a flip phone!!), I am in awe of what I have experienced online. It truly is mindblowing all that is out there…so simply accessible to us. It’s inspiring and amazing and HUGE…sometimes overwhelming. I have been feeling this same need for fresh air, awayness, and surprisingly a need for limitations. I’ll be taking some steps in the new year to streamline, assess, and use my online time more efficiently. I’ll have so check out the tools that you mentioned to help me with this. Thanks!

  2. Oh man…. I am so guilty of this. I am an Internet addict and a workaholic. But, I don’t want to be!! There’s just so much info online and I work from home. If you could talk more about this and how we can all combat it together….
    I try to limit my time online but often it’s one thing after another.

    Thank you. I will be more proactive about this.

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