How I Regained Control from a Busy Life

order from chaos

January and February are inevitably, every year, my busiest months of the entire year. Oftentimes, I learn to let go of unnecessary tasks during these months. A clean house? Forget about it. A fresh, home-cooked dinner? Not likely, most nights of the week. A regular laundry cycle? Ain’t happening.

Normally, by mid-January this lack of control makes me want to pull my hair out. But when it comes down to it, those things just aren’t important. At least, when I’m busy with life and work.

Fast forward to early February, just a couple of weeks ago. It was one of those nights when I had to just let go of everything and hope it would fall into place. I couldn’t work anymore from complete exhaustion. I couldn’t even begin to think about simple tasks like what to get at the grocery store, or if I had even remembered to grab the mail that day. I had reached a breaking point. So what did I do?

I threw in the towel for one day.

I did what I could – the menial tasks that didn’t require much thought – just monotonous movement. I brought several tasks to an “end” by not attempting to perfect them anymore, but be happy with what I had created.

And I immediately felt release.

Everyone’s heard the saying, “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.” Truer words had never been spoken for me. I literally felt lighter. That joyful light feeling actually allowed me to walk into my home office – where I had thrown every piece of paper, to-do list, notebook, calendar, and outstanding item over the past few weeks – and see motivation rather than stress.

I spent that afternoon getting myself reorganized – literally and figuratively. I knocked out to-do list items little by little – tackling the easiest ones first. I recycled unnecessary clutter and paperwork. I made a schedule. It’s amazing what a clean desk and organized schedule did for my life during my busiest time for the year.

I regained control of my life.

There are going to be times when we’re so busy we can’t handle the everyday tasks we normally do with ease. The key is managing these ebbs and flows and knowing when you are about to hit a breaking point…and taking action before that breaking point comes

  • Clear your mind of clutter.
  • Clear your desk – starting with the easiest tasks first. Take a few hours or a day off – I promise you everything will still be there when you return.
  • And, most importantly, understand this isn’t forever. Because you will regain control and focus.
How do you regain composure when your schedule begins spiraling out of control?

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