Honor the Signs Your Future Self is Sending You


This is a guest post from Carrie Schmitt.

From a very young age, I considered being an artist the coolest profession in the world, which is exactly why I never dreamed of doing it. It was WAY too cool for me. I elevated artists to an almost superhuman status touched by divinity and endowed with superpowers. I was just not worthy.

By some strange twist of fate, I turned to art for therapy when diagnosed with a rare medical condition four years ago and now am a full-time artist with licensing deals with several companies, including Hallmark and teNeues Publishing.

The take away message here?

Do the thing you think is too cool for you.

The thing that you watch other people do and think, “They are so lucky. I wish I could do that.”

As a child, I always told family and friends I would have my own art studio someday. In my mind, it would be like almost being an artist. Similarly, I used to describe myself as an “art enthusiast.” I believed my role was to support those who create. I thought this was the closest I could get to the term “artist.”

Ever since I can remember I have doodled flowers with tall leafy stems on the sides of all my papers in school. Today, I paint flowers very similar to the ones that decorated my class notes.

Looking back on these instances and many others, it seems as though my future self was sending my younger self messages along the way — clues about what I was meant to do.

Only I didn’t pay attention and listen. Or I noticed and lived a watered down version of the life waiting for me.

When connecting the seemingly random moments in my life that retrospectively form a collective theme, there were so many signs that art was my path. I wish I would have paid more attention and honored my inner voice.

I think that the universe intervened and steered me on my authentic path when I developed a life-threatening allergy to heat. When I look back now, everything seems so obvious. Because I am finally listening to my heart and honoring its messages. Today, I check in daily with that inner voice and let it guide my decisions, energy, and focus. With this power, I can feel momentum building and know I am going in the right direction.

What message is your future self sending you?

What is the thing that you think is too cool for you? Is there a reoccurring theme in your life that you have ignored for too long? Or dots you can connect that offer clues to you? Is there an area where you consider yourself a supporter or enthusiast cheering from the sidelines?

That is the thing you were meant to do.

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schmitt.scoutie (1)Carrie Schmitt is an artist who paints daily from her mountain studio on the outskirts of Seattle. Her mantra is, “Be grateful for unknown blessings already on the way.” To learn more, visit her website at www.carrieschmittdesign.com, join her on Facebook and Pinterest, and sign up for her seasonal newsletter.

8 thoughts on “Honor the Signs Your Future Self is Sending You

    1. Hi and thank-you.I too have always looked up to and admired artists and wished I could be one too-its like reading my life .I really liked the view that it was a communication from your future self , even though I am familiar with the Seth material, I had never made that connection before.This article is so well written it has clarified a lot for me.Thank-you very much for writing your story I am sure it will inspire many others.Marilyn

  1. Love this and have shared it.

    It is amazing how many messages and hints are there as we age but it is up to us to ignore them or embrace them. I am trying to trust my heart more and listen to my gut instead of listening to the fear and my head. Love your art as well xx

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