Holiday Freebies and the Want to Place

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Mark my words:

In a week or two there will be untold numbers of free PDF “Best ofs” flying around the internet as bloggers and businesses offer up these stocking stuffers in gratitude to their readers this holiday season.

This, I think, is a lovely gesture. When it comes from the right place. The giving place. The joy place. Not the, “How can I leverage this gift to get the most new followers” place. Or the, “Aw man, I guess I better pile some stuff together and get it out there” place.

Have you experienced the latter? That’s how I was feeling last week. “Holidays are coming, better compile the obligatory PDF!”

But wait! I don’t have to. I don’t have to do a darn thing. That’s the cool part about working for yourself.

Then I started thinking, “Ok, if I don’t have to do anything, is there something I want to do?”

It’s in this spirit that I’m brainstorming some ideas. It’s in this spirit that I sent Thanksgiving postcards to my clients. From The Want To Place. That’s the place I want to hang out in and act from.

What about you?

What do you want to give or create when you stand in The Want To Place?

Gathering light,

5 thoughts on “Holiday Freebies and the Want to Place

  1. Giving is only a gift when it comes free of conditions or expectations. And I feel like I am giving in a cool way right now as I start my new project! Feels GREAT. Good post!

  2. I like to share and i think when we share we give each other allready a gift, and a smile oftenly.
    But the biggest gift of everyday is when we see somebody we don’t know and when he/she is giving you a smile back.
    I make every year insteade of a card a small tag for the whole new year to remember my friends of my wish for t hem;-D
    it’s a lot of work but i like it, it’s a fun thing to do special in those dark cold days sitting alone in my house with my furrie friends, nothing is cozier and comfier then that.LOL
    Hey wishing you all a good cheerful new year as wel.XD

  3. I asked myself what I wanted to do with my blog over the holidays, and the answer was “create a kind acts advent calendar”. And I am loving starting each day with this focus, instead of the usual holiday to-do list. It’s the perfect way to remember what the holidays are supposed to be about.

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