Holiday Birthday Awareness

How Does it Feel Celebrating Your Birthday on a Holiday?

Today’s my birthday. If I had a penny for every time someone asked me how I felt about celebrating my birthday on New Year’s Eve (or awkwardly laughed while saying, “Everyone is celebrating you tonight!”), I would have retired and starting living a cushy life years ago. And I’m only 31.

If your birthday falls anywhere between December 1 and January 5, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s like the general populous has no clue people are actually born during these dates. They can’t fathom having a birthday on…gasp!…a holiday.

Just so everyone is aware, celebrating my birthday on NYE feels just like every other birthday celebrated. It’s a fun and special day just for me!  And it’s like every birthday you’ve had, too. It feels totally normal. It feels like…my birthday.

My husband celebrated his birthday this year on Thanksgiving Day. We’re lucky, really. We both understand what it “feels” like to have a holiday birthday. (Though, he jokes the entire season that my birthday is rolled into every single holiday imaginable). We both treat each other’s birthdays like…birthdays. Not extra special because we feel sorry for each other being born on a holiday while everyone else is distracted with holiday celebrations. Not rolled into holiday celebrations either – because we celebrate birthdays separate and apart from the actual holiday celebrations we enjoy.

We treat it no different than a birthday on a random day in June (except, perhaps, minus the warm weather, smell of the sea, and sand between our toes). Birthday gifts are wrapped in birthday paper and birthday cakes are birthday cakes – not left-over Christmas wrappings and cakes topped with holly leaves or champagne flutes and sparklers!

I know I’ll be asked this question for the rest of my life, and that’s okay. But on behalf of holiday birthday celebraters everywhere, I’d like to spread Holiday Birthday Awareness. We are okay with having our birthday on a holiday and as a matter of fact, we LOVE it! And we’ll spend the next 350-ish days (because you know the questions always come early) preparing a new, clever response for how we’ll answer you next year.

How Does it Feel Celebrating Your Birthday on a Holiday?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Birthday Awareness

  1. Loll!!! I know exactly what you mean!!! My birthday is December 26th so I feel your pain!! Boxing day jokes, Christmas day jokes, people telling me how horrible it is to be born on boxing day (how rude!!), do I receive less gifts etc…I too would have a very good amount in the bank if I had a dollar for every comment!! loll!! I have said all my life that I actually like having my birthday on that day: Christmas time is my favorite holiday and having my birthday in the 26th just stretches the festivities out! So, I hear you!! Happy birthday by the way! 😉
    Michelle :)

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