hidden habits: which ones are you reinforcing?

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Sometimes I decide to turn over a new leaf.

I will eat more fruit!
I will dress well even if I’m not leaving the house!
No more computer right before bed!

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But lately I’m becoming aware of some other insidious leaves that have turned: the ones I haven’t done on purpose.

Yes, I’m forming habits all the time, without thinking about it. And so are you.

What habits have you been creating?

checking email instead of focusing on substantial work?
being hard on yourself?
showing up 10 minutes late?

When we do these things over and over, we reinforce the behavior so it becomes habit. Our default. We never really meant to do it, but we also didn’t intervene and change direction.

But maybe you have some good ones, too.

sharing about services you appreciate?
asking for help?
taking a break when you need one?

Do a mini-audit. What habits are really running the show? Any you want to break? Or create?

6 thoughts on “hidden habits: which ones are you reinforcing?

  1. I have a bad habit of constantly checking my email & facebook & tumblr rather than focusing on what I need to do in my daily life. I didn’t even notice that these were in fact habits, but they totally are! I should break them.

    I would also love to create a habit of working on my artwork and blogging every single day. I have to work more actively on that, definitely.

    Thanks for the lovely article!

  2. I’m a refresher 😀 I always think that I’ll just refresh a blog/a forum *one more time* to see if there are new posts, then I’ll start work. It’s a bit like playing a slot machine after a while!

  3. I’m always checking my email, popping from one forum to the next. Checking all the latest Social media news. Consuming more than I can actually put to use.

    Time for an email purge and a google reader chop!

  4. I just started working at home the past couple of months and my worst habit is staying in grungy comfy clothing or pajamas well too far into the day. I’m trying to turn it around by getting dressed soon after I wake up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

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