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Ben O’Leary of the Here Shop and Gallery is the strong silent type.  He is a man of few words, but the art he selects for his shop speaks volumes.  Let’s drop in and see why Here is the place to be…

Straight from Ben…

At Here Shop and Gallery, our goal is to make art accessible for customers, both in terms of affordability, and atmosphere. Since we are a combination shop and gallery, we work to make sure the environment is very inviting. Hopefully we inspire people to “do something“, in whatever field they’re interested in. There is a strong DIY music scene in Bristol, and we’ve applied the same ideas to running a gallery.

None of us had experience in running any kind of business, but if anyone can form a band, put on a gig, or run a label then we thought, we’ll give it a go.  There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way of doing things. The only wrong thing is to think you can’t.  Have a go, make mistakes, learn from them. I think this interest is reflected by our customers, in that some of our best selling books recently have been ‘how to’ guides on Publishing, Screen Printing etc.

Many of the artists we show have a background in illustration or design rather than fine art. We actively look for new artists, and have given many their first exhibition, or in the case of those from overseas, their first show in the UK.


Lucie Sheridan
Alice Apple
Mark Pawson
Matte Stephens
Rob Hunter + Jon McNaught

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Here Shop and Gallery
108 B Stokes Croft
Bristol, BS1 3RU
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)117 9422 222

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