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A guest post by Angela Flicker of The Artists’ House.

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What is a meaningful gift? Is a meaningful gift determined by the price you spend or the name brand on the item you buy? Could the gifts you buy have a deeper meaning? A deeper purpose?

Obviously, the gifts we give should have meaning and purpose linked directly to the people we are giving them to, but think beyond that! Would the gifts we give be more meaningful if they were unique, you know, truly unique? Couldn’t the gifts we give also support “real” people in our communities, people who are trying to make a living off their artistic talents? Couldn’t there be love sewn in every stitch of the gifts we give, because they were made by hand?

I believe in supporting people who make handmade goods. I believe in mindful spending. And because I believe in these things, I am personally vowing to buy handmade this holiday season.

But I don’t want to stop there.

My desire is to make a difference outside of me, to challenge all my readers, family, and friends to think about the way they buy this holiday season. I want to encourage, rather inspire, everyone to buy “crafty” and handmade, and to help people realize that when they buy from artists, they are buying meaningful gifts from real people.

Won’t you help?

Head over to The Artists’ House now and sign-up to participate in the “A Crafty Holiday” blogging event.

Let’s buy with a purpose this Holiday Season.

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6 thoughts on “help share a handmade holiday

  1. This is such a wonderful thing! I was thinking of showering friends and family with the baskets I make, but I also want to support my fellow artists. Of course, the hardest part about buying handmade is choosing from among the many, many gorgeous choices!!

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