thank you to the etsy favorites feature, i have hearts, you have hearts, we all have hearts! here, we’ll hop from heart-to-heart each week, progressively adding to our heart trail as we follow the favorites from one seller to the next.
we left off last week with
{ green wallflower pouch }

who hearts

{ singing bird peasant blouse }

who hearts

{ screenprinted diamond cards }

who hearts

oscar and victor,
{ tiktaalik angular clock }

who hearts

up in the air somewhere,
{ sm yellow fade bowl pair }

who hearts

{ hand-fabricated steel pendant }

who hearts
(tune in next week to find out!)

2 thoughts on “heart-to-heart

  1. I love this! I enjoyed it so much last week and I can’t wait for more. It makes me realize that I should make more use of the hearts feature in Etsy. :)

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