Thanks to the Etsy favorites feature, I have hearts, you have hearts, we all have hearts! Here, we’ll hop from heart-to-heart each week, progressively adding to our heart trail as we follow the favorites from one seller to the next.

Last month we left off with

DeShawnMarie {Lilac Rose Vegan Soap}* who hearts

The Rice Babies {Woodland Fairy Crown} who hearts

Cart Before the Horse {Folk Art Elephant} who hearts

Eganaise {Rain Earrings} who hearts

Jaimers {Open Up the Walls Print} who hearts

Stefanie Kay Design {Boutiqie Baby Bib} who hearts

…visit again next week to find out!


*My sincerest apologies to DeShawnMarie for incorrectly linking to her product in the heart-to-heart feature on April 29. Her soaps are beautiful and allowing you to miss out on them is an embarrassing shame.

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