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i was very excited when i received Marichelle's (heart handmade) note that she was hosting another 'shop live' event on etsy b/c i missed the last one. Tonight at 7pm EST - be there or be square.

About Shop Live:
For 30 minutes Marichelle will be talking about a collection of curated products on Etsy via a live webcam and buyers will have the ability to enter a "virtual auditorium" to watch the broadcast. She's been in cahoots with all of the artists and together they've come up with a special listing/item specially priced just for this live sale event. Each minute she'll feature a new item and as she talks about each product, users in the auditorium will see a product image and will have the ability to click and buy in real time. Thursday, May 28 7pm EST at http://www.etsy.com/virtual_labs.php

*Get all the deets on http://www.hearthandmadeblog.com/2009/05/etsy-shop-live-part-ii.html.

Some of the participants include:
Art School Girl :: Boy Girl Party :: Brooklyn Rehab :: Cicada Studio :: DrikaB :: Lamixx :: Kindling Shop :: Jennifer Morris :: Tree Fox :: Fern Animals :: Loulou & Oscar :: SusyJack* :: Tiny Happy
…. and many many more!!

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