have a great weekend!

concrete mini planters by tortoiselovesdonkey

scientific air plant by tortoiselovesdonkey

air plant by tortoiselovesdonkey

so i can’t get these little planters & air plants out of my head! i have a black thumb… but maybe, just maybe i could keep one of these little cuties alive? head on over to tortoiselovesdonkey to check them out for yourself!

well, guys, i’m out! i’m taking the day off from blogging to enjoy beautiful weather, a laughing toddler, and a day with my husband. oh, and little business meeting too.

why, no, i don’t handle time off well! how did you guess?

have a fabulous weekend. a hoppy easter. and a creative rest.

8 thoughts on “have a great weekend!

  1. I had an air plant for a few years and after the birth of my daughter my husband’s chore list got a little longer. On that list was “plant watering”. My husband is a very responsible man and he didn’t want to let his hormonal wife down, lol, and as a result he watered the heck out of our plants and managed to kill our air plant. I was so sad but didn’t have the heart to tell him. So be careful with this one, especially if you have a black thumb. My recommendation is to run water all over it the plant, for about 20-3- seconds, 2 times a week. Don’t let it sit in it’s own water though, it’ll rot.

    Good luck with the little guy. There’s super cool aren’t they?

    Happy Easter.

  2. The little succculent plants look adorable in those pots!
    Hmm.. yes probably could do with some air plants myself..they remind me of Dr Suess type plants! Enjoy your laughing toddler.. I have one next to me.. trying to climb on this computer!

  3. I am such a sucker for air plants! my mom brought me one from Florida last winter and I somehow killed it in two short months.. sigh. I should try again

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