happy unofficial end of summer!

It may be unofficial, but the end of summer is always a time for celebration for me. While there are always plenty of happy memories, I hate the heat of summer with a deep burning passion. And I love the fall breezes and golden leaves.

So, good riddance summer. While I fear you may be slow to leave, I’m looking forward to shutting the down on you.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

PS Tomorrow, I’ve got a giveaway. Wednesday, you’ll find the return of We Scout Wednesdays – how to use your money to change the world. Thursday, I’ve got a big announcement. What a week!

12 thoughts on “happy unofficial end of summer!

  1. My sentiments exactly! Here in Portland, though, summer tends to let go very easily. We’ve already got changing leaves and a lovely nip to the evening air. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. it’s so good to know i’m not alone in my love for fall. summer is okay, especially now that i live further north than florida. i used to hate summer (which is practically all year round down south). now, i’m still not the biggest fan of that season, with the exception of how quiet it gets in our town once all the college students are away. i always get excited about fall. it’s the best. i love the golden light and cool weather. nothing compares.

  3. Enjoy Fall, Tara and everyone else in the northern hemisphere! We, in the southern hemisphere are starting to enjoy spring :) Although that means summer will be here soon..and No, I do not enjoy the heat here ! But, until then, I will relish spring :)

  4. I love summer. I love hot, sticky weather where all you can do is sit and sweat! I am sad it is over, but my husband is like you and hates summer…so at least I don’t have to listen to him complain anymore! :)

  5. Happy end of summer! I’m with you, I hate super hot days (luckily, we haven’t had too many of those this year, makes me wonder what kind of winter we’ll have…)

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