making hard decisions

this week’s post has been on my mind for quite some time. it’s a hard post to write and i’ve been trying to figure out just what to say and how to say it. you see, sometimes in life and/or business, you have to make hard decisions….decisions you may not want to make, but know in your heart that you should. well, that’s where i am; where i have been. i’ve mentioned in previous posts just how busy i’ve been with work and how truly unbalanced my life is. after a lot of thought, i’ve decided to end my guest posting on scoutie girl. while it’s not necessarily something i want to do, in my heart i know it’s something i have to do. this is the reason i know i have to do it:

this photo was taken just a few days ago at my mother’s day breakfast. these boys deserve better that what i’m able to give them right now. i’m stretched too thin and they’re suffering from it. they deserve to have more of my attention, more of my time, and i deserve to have time to watch them grow.

while it sounds good in theory, this is SUPER hard for me to do. i’m not someone who quits anything. i hate letting people down. if i say i’m going to do it, you better bet i’ll follow through. it’s especially hard to leave a “job” where i enjoy my “boss”. tara is, and has been, nothing but great to work with. even when i told her that i needed to step down, she was completely understanding. i admire all that she’s doing to build her dream life. i only wish i could take the ride with her, but alas, my path is in a different direction and i need to focus on that right now.

i wanted to take this opportunity to turn my final post into a little lesson for business. like i mentioned above, i’m a firm believer in following through and not quitting what you’ve started. however, there are also times that you need to look out for #1 in both personal and business life. sometimes those hard decisions need to be made….even when you don’t want to. stay on the path to your goal and you will reach it. make those hard decisions and you will be better for it.

with that, i bid you adieu! i’ve had such a great time bringing you handmade solutions. i hope that along the way i’ve convinced at least a few of you to buy handmade over big box stores when possible!

i hope that our paths cross again! and, if you’d like to follow my personal business journey as well as posts about being a mother to those two sweet boys, feel free to follow me on my blog: paisley wallpaper.

over and out.

editor’s note: it’s been such a great pleasure getting to know you, lori, over the last year or so! that you for everything that your brought to scoutie girl and that your bring on a daily basis to the creative community. your business is an inspiration to mine. and, thanks to the delightful power of social media, i’ll be sure to keep in touch, as will many other. and don’t forget, i have a fabulous dress you need to borrow sometime!

11 thoughts on “making hard decisions

  1. Best of luck to you, Lori! I’m so glad I had an opportunity to work with you and get to know you better! Your posts were/are always top-notch and will def be missed! I took a big, big, big step back from lots of things recently for the very same reason, and I have never felt more fulfilled! Enjoy and savor all your boys – big and small!

  2. This is a tough decision that many understand and will face sooner or later. That you expressed it openly and honestly is refreshing, appreciated, and much in the spirit of this great handmade community. It was so wonderful to get to know you and your talent. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

  3. Had just discovered you!!!! My kids are now grown and grandchildren coming into my life ( just the best, by the way!!!) Deciding to devote more time to your growing family is a wonderful decision you will never regret. Best of luck. Will miss your great postings.

  4. Sigh, it’s a sad thing because you always showcased the most amazing stuff. But, I also know you and know this decision is the best because you’ve thought long and hard about it!

  5. lori, what a heartfelt + thoughtful post. It is terribly hard to make these decisions, and I definitely understand where you are coming from. Our kiddos are pretty nearly the same ages as yours, and the weeks, months + years seem to fly by so quickly, all of a sudden they are grown. Good for you taking the extra time to spend with them and focus on your family + your other work. best of luck!

  6. Lori,
    Just want to say that I really respect the decision you’re making. I know it’s not easy and I just hope that when the time comes (because I know it will!) I will be able to do the right thing, too. You’re an amazing woman!
    Good luck in your adventures!

  7. You may very well be teaching many readers a very important lesson here.
    You are still an encouragement and leader by prioritizing and making this change.

    Just found you here and plan to follow your paisley wallpaper blog.

    I would love to follow any other bloggers with creative spirit.

    Thank you

  8. Bravo to you Lori, on your decision.

    Your post has been a timely read for me today. My kids are a bit older, but I’m stretched a little thin at the moment myself. It’s time to start making some tough decisions…

    Sp enjoy your little men. Our kids do grow up too quickly – blink and you miss those golden moments.

  9. Best wishes to you Lori. And can I just say thank you, thank you for your honesty. So many of us mothers struggles with things like this and it’s so refreshing to hear a mother’s honest words.

  10. I, and I’m sure many, many working women can relate so well to your tough decision. The look in the eyes of our children speak to our hearts, and we know when we are letting them down. Those crucial years when they need us so much are gone so quickly, but have a lasting impact in all our lives. Happy you are trusting your instincts. Be strong!

  11. wow, what an amazing response! i never imagined this post would get such a strong reaction! i’m so glad that it was meaningful to so many of you! thank you for all your wonderful words and support. it has meant the world to me!

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