handmade solutions #8 [outfitting your jewels: mommy style]


[outfitting your jewels: mommy style]


once i became a mom, i wanted to incorporate my children into my jewelry, but so many of the options were so bulky and huge that i never found one i really loved. then i got the best gift ever from one of my best friends last christmas, which i blogged about here. she knows me all too well. it was a necklace with 2 charms similar to the last option shown above. (one for each of my boys) it was perfect and i still wear it nearly every day. i went back to the etsy site where she purchased it, because i thought it would be a great gift for a friend of ours who just had a baby last week, but found they are no longer around. i did a search for something similar and here are some of the great options i found! all of them are from simplyuboutique. while it's hard to tell size here, most of these items are smaller than a penny! my kind of jewelry! very petite. 

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