handmade solutions #7 [outfitting a bathroom with artwork]


[outfitting a bathroom with artwork]

we recently (and by recently i mean over the last year and a half) have remodeled our main bathroom. we gutted it down to the studs and started over. it's been a long, long process with a lot of issues along the way. we're just about finished…..just need to finish up some trim work and then decorate. i've been contemplating what i'm going to do for artwork. since it's a bathroom, it gets really damp and humid after showers even with the fan running, so i hesitate to use framed artwork that could warp or get damaged. then i had a brilliant idea! what if i used vinyl art decals? so i went on a search. the area i need to fill is tall and narrow. i also wanted something a little more organic because the bathroom is very modern and i wanted to add a touch of softness to it. here are my favorites:


i found all of these great designs at elly nelly's shop on supermarket. they're all available in multiple colors and they range from $35 – $45 each. i think these may be just the thing i was looking for! 

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  1. We are so happy that you have discovered our shop and like our work! Thank you so much for including us on your excellent blog!! Cheers, Elaine & Nell :o)

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