[outfitting your baskets]

[outfitting your baskets]

with easter coming up in a few weeks i’ve had horrible plastic baskets on my mind. i’d love to replace those horrible big box store baskets with something handmade and usable throughout the entire year…not something we use just one day out of every 365 and then tuck away in a closet because they’re too ugly to use for anything else. below are some options that i thought would work well for both easter and year ’round.

  1. birch bark and moss basket. nhwoodscreations :: $22. 50
  2. repurposed coffee bean bag. looploft :: $30
  3. creative kids art bucket. (how great would this be filled with craft supplies instead of candy for your little crafter at easter?). momnmiaquilts :: $18
  4. recycled fabric bins. sewingmama :: $38.99
  5. linen basket. linenme :: $12.99
  6. handmade rib basket. johntoftbasketry :: $49

7 thoughts on “[outfitting your baskets]

  1. Great basket finds. I bought a basket from a local weaver and I love it. It will work perfectly for Easter and year round.

    BTW, I love the new look of the site. The logo is perfect.

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