handmade solutions #64 [outfitting your garden]

handmade solutions

[outfitting your garden]

with spring right around the corner, i’ve had gardening on my mind. i’ve always wanted some pretty garden markers so that i can remember where things are planted from the year before. here are some gorgeous handmade options that i found.

  1. silverware garden markers. monkeysalwayslook :: $17
  2. wooden garden markers. woodandweave :: $18.95
  3. porcelain garden stakes. pigeontoeceramics :: $24
  4. herb garden markers. jCranejewelry :: $30
  5. natural wood garden markers. figandfern :: $22.50
  6. recycled copper garden markers. buttermilkhollow :: $19.99

4 thoughts on “handmade solutions #64 [outfitting your garden]

  1. Gardening is definitely on my mind, too – we finally had a few days of warmth here! I usually just scribble plant names on popsicle sticks, but these are tempting me toward something more elegant.

  2. Oh, I’ve been coveting those silverware lovelies from Monkeys Always Look for months now…I may have to indulge with spring on the horizon! The shaved twigs are also brilliant!

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