handmade solutions #62 :: outfitting your coffee addiction

handmade solutions

[outfitting your coffee addiction]

i’m not a coffee drinker but i know so many who live off of it. i thought i’d focus on coffee-related items this week to help satiate your addiction.

  1. coffee is on the way print. helendardik :: $25
  2. vice sugar creme scrub. gloilockandbody :: $10
  3. cocoa mocha soy candle. ozarkscentscandleco :: $7.50
  4. hello darkness my old friend print. standard :: $18
  5. illustrated directors coasters. retrowhale :: $48
  6. wool bracelet/cup sleeve. meganauman :: $30

8 thoughts on “handmade solutions #62 :: outfitting your coffee addiction

  1. In a time when people are trying to curb their coffee addictions, I’m pleased you’re highlighting such excellent coffee swag. A Simon and Garfunkel lyrics paired with coffee art? I’m sold!

  2. Holy bejeez, that sugar creme scrub looks amazing! It looks just as delicious as this layered cake/pudding/whipped cream/heath bar trifle my aunt makes for special dinners, and that is the best dessert EVER.

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