handmade solutions #61 :: outfitting your mood

[outfitting your mood]

i’ll be honest. the last few weeks have been rough. i live in wisconsin and it’s done nothing but snow, snow, snow for the last month and i’m ready for a little sunshine and warm weather. i’m in a bit of a funk. designing, which normally makes me giddy, is being squashed by the gloomy weather. so, as a pick me up, this week, i thought i’d focus on outfitting my mood with happy yellow beauties that make me smile. i hope they put a little bounce in your step as well.

  1. set of 3 bobby pins. DawnWillBreak :: $12
  2. sunny yellow sleeves. POUTfits :: $22
  3. lemon petals print. freshsnappedphotos :: $14
  4. lemon cascades earrings. smilingsoul2 :: $22
  5. happiness and sunshine print. laureldenise :: $20
  6. growing sunshine print. everydaymoments :: $35

15 thoughts on “handmade solutions #61 :: outfitting your mood

  1. It’s funny because usually the color yellow is not my thing but I’ve actually been craving a little yellow lately. Just this morning I printed a new design on napkins using the color yellow which is quite a departure from my typical color palette. I live in Florida so I can’t complain but it was 38 degrees this morning… brrrr!!!Even us Floridians are craving some warmer weather. I should be careful what I wish for ‘cuz soon enough I’m going to be enveloped in 90 degree weather with a definite chance of 100% humidity!

    Thanks for some more yellow inspiration. I’ll be sending warm yellow thoughts to your neck of the woods! 😉


  2. I’m a fellow Wisconsinite too. I’ve been feeling some definite winter blues these last few weeks. This is my first full Wisconsin winter in 9 years, I forgot how hard they are. Thanks for the happy yellow on such a gloomy day!

  3. Wow – that yellow is just lovely – makes it feel like spring is just around the corner, and hopefully it is!

    We were still scraping ice of our cars in Scotland this morning! Thanks for the ray of sunshine!

  4. Aww, don’t let the gloomy weather get you down! Think of curling up on the couch, hot chocolates with marshmallows and cute little mittens. It’s almost spring, after all :)

  5. I really need a pair of those sleeves. I never wear yellow, but they would complement everything else I own beautifully. Mmmm.
    It also makes me want some lemon bars.

  6. funny, I have found myself making so many yellow hair thingys in the past week, probably not even realizing it was this blast of sunlight I was needing. I especially like the Forsythia print, It won’t be long til we see those blooming…I promise!

  7. I heard about this feature from a woman that bought those bobby pins from me, she found them here. Thanks so much for the feature

    -Julie(DawnWillBreak’s Shop)

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