handmade solutions #59 :: outfitting your walls


[outfitting your walls]

i have so much artwork¬† bookmarked that i’d love to buy someday. one of the things i’m most drawn to is artwork featuring quotes. i could fill an entire wall with all the options i have bookmarked! here are a few of my recent favorites.


  1. enjoy the ride. dazeychic :: $20
  2. i’m possible. 3LambsGraphics :: $12
  3. let the sun shine in. slidesideways :: $3
  4. stand in the sunshine. CitrusTree :: $20
  5. look within. thewheatfield :: $15
  6. you are my sunshine. jessgonacha :: $8
  7. best day ever. erinjaneshop :: $16
  8. let’s fall in love. LoveSugar :: $16
  9. let life. laureldenise :: $20
  10. lemon magic. SuspectShoppe :: $35

4 thoughts on “handmade solutions #59 :: outfitting your walls

  1. these are great pics lori! glad to see one of laurel denise’s made it in the montage! lately, i am all about seeing bold words on a page that command my attention…much like listening to certain music when you ‘have to’ if that makes sense!

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