handmade solutions #52 [one year anniversary : giveaway]

handmade solutions

[one year anniversary]

this is my 52nd post on scoutie girl, bringing me to one full year of being a contributor to this amazing blog! i wanted to do something special to celebrate my anniversary. when thinking of ideas it dawned on me that paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary. how convenient considering it’s the industry i’m in! i thought it would be fun to feature some of my work as well as the work of a couple of my favorite stationery entrepreneurs….all just in time for the holidays! to make the anniversary even more special, we’ve all joined together to bring you a great stationery giveaway! 

holiday card giveaway

(please see each of the websites below for where to purchase their products. all are available online AND in stores nationwide.)
  1. 5×7 holiday photo card by fin+roe
  2. set of 3 notebooks from cartolina cards  
  3. holiday imprintable from demby & solomon
  4. embellished holiday card from marzipan inc.  
  5. embellished holiday card from cartolina cards    
  6. gift stickers from demby & solomon   

and here’s what’s up for grabs in the giveaway: 

1 pack of 3 notebooks from cartolina cards 
3 greeting cards of your choice from marzipan inc. via shades of violet 
1 set of 24 gift stickers (8 each of 3 designs) from demby & solomon
1 set of book plates from fin+roe

to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment at this post! and if you don’t mind, i’d like to hear how “handmade” is part of your holiday celebrations.
**one entry per person.
**giveaway ends on sunday, november 22 at 8pm est.
**the winner will be chosen at random and notified monday morning via email.
**good luck!

btw, please click through the giveaway sponsor’s sites to see what other goodies they have to offer!

28 thoughts on “handmade solutions #52 [one year anniversary : giveaway]

  1. My 3 year old is designing and coloring all of our wrapping paper this year–well, for the smaller packages, at least. My family will be seeing lots of blue circles and lots of the letter “T”.

    Happy Anniversary. LOVE the notebooks (#2).

  2. Congrats on one year of guest posting! My holidays always have quite a lot of handmade…probably a bit too much because I often end up super stressed! When I think about it, a lot of my holiday presents (bags/scarves) are now things I offer in my shop…so this year will be easier…i just go “shopping” in my own shop!

    HOWEVER, for gifts that I don’t make myself, I’m gonna make an extra effort to buy from another indie designer…although I’m caving and buying beatles rock band for the wii for my boys! 😉

  3. Happy one year anniversary! Here’s to another year of awesome handmade solutions!

    I’ll admit that my gifts this year are primarily store bought (unlike my major handmade endeavor of last year). However I still wanted to keep a handmade trend in my holiday traditions, so my family and I are putting up all handmade decorations this year (well, except for the tree). We’ve already started making ornaments and my little sister is creating the coolest nativity scene. Maybe next year I will commit fully to a handmade holiday, who knows, a handmade tree could be kind of amazing.

  4. Every year my mom, sister and I exchange handmade gifts. My mom usually makes us clothes, while my sister makes bath and body products. I usually make paper gifts. I really need to get busy, Christmas is approaching quickly.

  5. Gosh, what a terrific giveaway! Handmade holiday?: I use discarded paper and other items to wrap presents and make cards —

  6. Congratulations Lori! This is a great idea! It is too late for me to give out handmade, I think, at least not made by me. I hope to give more of my time this year to my family, friends, kitty cats and house. I will be giving kitty clients a handmade item from my mom =D
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Looking forward to your next scoutie girl post! ~Krista~

  7. Congrats – I am knitting booties for family and friends. My mom made these many years ago and now my daughter and I continue this tradition. So nice to get new booties each year.

  8. Oh goodness I had a comment all typed up and then it just deleted! Let’s try again – my apologies if this somehow ends up posting twice!
    This year I am making all of our Christmas cards from scratch using mostly leftover and end-of-season clearanced holiday papers from last year. I’m also making a set of coasters for our families and for some friends at work. I like to make my own gift tags or use ones that designers and bloggers (like yourself!) post for people like me to download and use. I also make little garlands to hang at work and at home and love to decorate the house with things I make.

  9. I love that homemade part of Christmas. I’m having such fun making little felt cupcakes and donuts for gifts and chocolate spoons! So easy and yet a nice little treat for anyone. Also, we’ve made a little ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Advent thing – a little box filled with 24 chocolate mints! Yum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I am not a creative person in the least but I appeciated handmade anything! I am new to this site but have purchased some soap and lipstain. I literally glance at this site everyday to see whats new :0 Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

  11. Oh pick me!! Who in their right mind DOESNT LOVE STATIONARY? I certainly do!
    Christmas is all about handmade for me. Delicious food, decorations, presents for family and friends. This year I’m making skirts, hair clips & softies for my nieces, bunting, drawstring bags to use instead of wrapping paper, an ipod cosy, aprons, etc. I guess I should get started!
    Handmade is my most favourite thing about christmas!

  12. Lori – congrats on the anniversary! Paper? How appropriate! :-) Let’s see ….. our holiday cards are all handmade, I bake upwards of 15-20 different kinds of cookies each year, and this year I’m using kraft paper & rubber stamps for wrapping paper.

  13. Congrats on 1 Year! It must take lots of commitment to keep going that long!

    This year, my eyes have been opened to the beauty of handmade. So most of gifts are handmade, also the garland, ornaments, stockings, Christmas outfits, everything is handmade! I’m buying very little from stores this year. My sister and I even decided to make our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals from scratch. Should be fun!

  14. Every year we do a family gift exchange with my parents, brother and his sweetie but the gift has to be handmade. I love coming up with ideas and this year my kids will be involved! It’s fun to watch them learn the value of handmade gifts for the ones we love.

    Happy Anniversary!

  15. i have been sewing for 3 weeks straight to make all handmade items this year, for family, friends, sewing club, etc. it’s the only thing we can do under our circumstances and it feels great. happy weekend!

  16. I’ve been s-l-o-w-l-y quilting and I’ve sewn two purses. These will be Xmas gifts. I love handmade but it’s one thing to love it and another thing to find the time to buckle down and do it!

  17. Handmade is a huge part of my Holiday festivities and general life happenings :) All of the christmas stockings in my family were handmade (either knit, sewn, or cross stitched) and most of the gifts given every year are handmade and wonderful 😀

  18. I am starting to get excited for Christmas with these ideas :) I am planning on buying homemade whenever possible and am so excited to “scout” out the best things for my loved ones!

  19. Wow! What beautiful picks… oh how I love stationary!
    Regarding handmade christmas…. i am starting by hosting an ornament making gathering followed by a jam making party!

  20. From baby clothes to chutney and rosettes to purses I’ll be making all my gifts this year. I’m also hoping to have girlie Christmas craft evening where my girlfriends and I will make tree decorations and Christmas cards. I love the handmade holidays!!

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