handmade solutions #5 [outfitting your holiday stockings]


[outfitting your holiday stockings]

with this year's tough economy i think many people are foregoing formal holiday presents and giving small "stocking stuffers" instead. i thought i'd gather some handmade solutions for this year's gifting challenge. all of the items below are $20 or less! 

  1. this orbit brooch in black is fabulous! i think it's one of those piece that can be funky with one outfit, but classic enough to wear with a simple cable knit sweater as well. poor robin :: $17
  2. i am such a sucker for notepads, and these fantastic, brightly-colored numbers are right up my alley! who wouldn't love a trio of notepads? edesse designs :: $6.50 / set of 3!
  3. i think a great print would be such a lovely gift. although this one doesn't exactly scream "happy holidays" i couldn't resist adding it to the list. i just love everything about it. blancucha :: $16  
  4. this precious pendant featuring a yellow and green butterfly on porcelain is so charming. add it to a chain and you have one special piece of jewelry. QueenBe :: $14
  5. i love these recycled wine bottles turned wine glasses! the colors are great and i think they're versatile enough to be used as everyday drinking glasses as well! bodhicitta :: $18 / set of 2!
  6. i have a thing for pretty soap. it's a little bit of a problem though because i think they're so pretty that i never want to use them up! i really love this collection that features a few glycerin bars. there's just something about being able to see through your soap! and even better: they all smell like fresh baked goods! karens soaps :: $17.50 / set of 4!!
  7. these faux bois coasters are just too great to resist! i find it ironic that they're made to look like wood which is what you're using coasters to protect in the first place! miso :: $6.00 / set of 2!
  8. i really want to get a gocco of my own, but until then, this set of gocco print tags would be just fine, thank you! gift tags are such a handy thing to have around. attach them to almost anything and with a short note and it makes whatever gift you're giving that much better. mothball charlie :: $2.50 / set of 4!! (seriously!!)
  9. there always seems to be a few people on your list that you're not really sure if you need to get a "real" present for or not. these can be tough. in cases like these i tend to give something like this amazing card that is a gift in itself. there is actually embroidery thread wrapped around the "wheels" of the tree! such a great piece to frame after the holidays are over. siska studio :: $5.99
  10. and lastly, a shameless self-promotion! this set of 6 holiday themed magnets are a great gift for all of those last minute people you've forgotten about (ie. hostess gifts, babysitters, teachers, daycare providers etc.). they're such an easy gift to have on hand for those holiday emergencies! shades of violet :: $12.00 / set of 6

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