handmade solutions #43 [outfitting your neckwear]

handmade solutions

[outfitting your neckwear]

it might be a slight understatement to say that i LOVE scarves. i love nothing more than having a cozy warm scarf around my neck on a chilly day. often times i leave them on after having gone out just because. here’s a collection of handmade options i’ve been eyeing up for this fall/winter. 

handmade scarves
  1. peruvian wool nomad cowl. seedknits :: $72
  2. merino wool aran scarf. branda :: $99 
  3. romantic highland wedding scarf. vikki0908 :: $65 
  4. charcoal grey necklush. necklush :: $62
  5. cafe mocha fringed scarf. countingstitches :: $38 
  6. dick and jane – say hello scarf. bossybootsdesign :: $68 

5 thoughts on “handmade solutions #43 [outfitting your neckwear]

  1. I’m a scarf fiend too — I only don’t wear them 2 months of the year… I’ve drooled over necklush stuff for months now, and now you’ve given more to drool over. THANKS! 😉 Great picks!

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