handmade solutions #41 [outfitting grown-up school supplies]

[outfitting grown-up school supplies]

with my oldest starting school a few days ago, i started reminiscing about how much i loved all of my brand new school supplies every year. it was the best part about a new school year. why should the kids have all the fun? here are some great “school” (aka: office supplies) for us adults to enjoy! 

handmade office & school supplies
  1. set of 16 fabric push pins. PaperPumpkin :: $14.50
  2. printable 2010 calendar. govango :: $5.00 
  3. set of 3 paper pencils. lemontree77 :: $6.20 
  4. set of 5 paper clips with iphone icons. bearduck :: $7.00 
  5. set of 4 decorative file folders. proudgrits11 :: $5.50 
  6. vintage desk set with bakelite stapler. kittyBcreative :: $29.99 

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