handmade solutions #37 [outfitting your memories]


[outfitting your memories]

i once thought i’d be the kind of mom who made beautiful scrapbooks for my family; full of adventures and memories. then i had kids and reality set in. for awhile i felt guilty, but i’m slowly accepting that it’s not just something i can manage. i still print pictures and put them in an album, but there are no “pretty” pages. 

i’ve heard about people who make pre-made scrapbook pages that you just slip your own photos into, but never really looked into it. after doing  a search on etsy, i have found so many super talented artists who obviously pour a lot of their time and hearts into these pages. they’re gorgeous. because of the cost, i don’t think i’d be able to fill a whole album with these pages, but it might be a nice addition for special occasions like birthday, trips, etc. check out these beauties: 


  1. custom travel album. heartspeak :: $35 
  2. “happy” custom scrapbook page. intrinsicArt :: $19.99
  3. “good stuff” custom scrapbook 2 page spread. cbaker95 :: $13  
  4. “gone camping” custom scrapbook 2 page spread. designs2cherish :: $23.36
  5. “what a lot of fun” custom scrapbook 2 page spread. debbieScrapArt :: $23.95 
  6. “happy custom scrapbook 2 page spread. KalosStudio :: $21.95  

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  1. I do this too, it is actually my full time job to scrapbook for other people. I have been scrapbooking for others for over 5 years when I started my business, Remembered Moments. I do pre-mades, like you have shown, or I can do all the work for you and and custom scrapbooks where you send me all your photos and memorabilia and I create pages that work with your photos exactly and put all the photos and memorabilia in the album for you too-so there is no work when you get the album! (I even do the journaling if you want me too, otherwise I can leave space so you can do it when you receive the completed album).
    If you would like more information you can visit my website at


    Questions, comments, and feedback always welcome!

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