handmade solutions #36 [outfitting your family photo options]


[outfitting your family photo options]

i hate photos of myself. i consider myself to be VERY un-photogenic. some people just look good in every photo they ever take, and some do not. i’ve accepted that i’m part of the later group. my hubby pretty much hates photos of himself, my 4 year old does the weird 4-year-old grin, and the baby can’t sit still to save his life. so, between the 4 of us, you can imagine what a family photo might look like! 

i came across these adorable hand-painted figures i thought would be an adorable alternative to the traditional family photo! (they remind me a little bit of the russian nesting dolls, matryoshkas); just send in snapshots of yourself and custom “peggies”, as they’re called, will appear on your doorstep!

(for those of you getting married, they also offer custom cake toppers! too cute!
or, for those of you who are crafty, they sell blank dolls (naked peggies) you can paint yourself!)


all available at nakedpeggies :: $60 – $75 (for options shown above)

3 thoughts on “handmade solutions #36 [outfitting your family photo options]

  1. Heehee, what an awesome idea! I’m not sure my mother would like it if I told her that my family photos have now been replaced with little dolls… but too bad!

  2. oh man, those margot and richie ‘royal tenenbaums’ peggies are probably the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! that and the superheroes. too cute!

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