handmade solutions #35 [outfitting your hair with baubles]


[outfitting your hair with baubles]

since i work from home and have two busy little boys, my personal style has been thrown out the window. i’ve really been itching to make an effort to do better. one thing i really need to work on is not putting my hair back in a ponytail every.single.day. maybe if i had some of these pretty hair baubles, it would encourage me to do something a little more in the morning.

Mosaic - baubles for your hair
  1. vintage cabachon hair pins. ohhellofriends :: $5 (for 1 pin)
  2. feather hair clip with rhinestone accents. True Alchemy :: $8.50
  3. rustic rose and feather fascinator. OriginalsByLynnette :: $59
  4. vintage pearl, rhinestone, & cluster bauble hair pins. OriginalsByLynnette :: $56 (set of 5)
  5. hair pins with lime, aqua, and white accent pieces. sweetsimple :: $9 (set of 3)
  6. handmade floral bobby pins with bead accents. mollusa :: $14 (set of 3)

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