handmade solutions #30 [outfitting your pool wear]


[outfitting your pool wear]

bathing suits can be a touchy topic among women. now that i’m a mommy to two boys, my body isn’t what it used to be. i’m no longer shopping for bikinis that bare all. at the same time, i don’t want to wear something that looks like a muumuu. thanks to some fabulous seamstresses on etsy, i have better options. check out these amazing vintage inspired bathing suits! they cover that problem mid-section while still being stylish and dare i say, even sexy? who knew i could look like a pin-up model even after children?


  1. this suit has so many amazing features listed here by the artist: with adjustable draw strings on the hips and back there is no need to worry about the fit any more. this adorable suit will fit any torso, long or short. the draw strings also allow for two different styles of swimsuit, low rise on the hip or cinched up high on the hip. you can also adjust the strings in the back to create more of a rio butt or leave them down for a more vintage look. ladramaqueen :: $110
  2. 1940’s inspired bathing suit with a matching belt to make any woman feel absolutely glamorous. this suit is also made custom to your specific size! no guessing which size to order! RiotOnU :: $45
  3. this gorgeous completely handmade swimsuit is vintage inspired. made of super soft nylon lycr. each chevron stripe is carefully matched. suit is completely lined. ladramaqueen :: $120
  4. like a traditional vintage swimsuit or romper, this suit is made of woven cotton fabric, with the modern addition of a touch of spandex for flexibility. also made specifically to your measurements for a perfect fit. MaisyBrownReproRetro :: $95

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