handmade solutions #28 [outfitting your food presentation]


[outfitting your food presentation]

among my many other obsessions, beautiful serving bowls ranks right up near the top. i'd love to add a few more handmade beauties to my collection. 

  1. pinwheel bowl. catherinereece :: 48
  2. medium red circles bowl. luckalilly :: $45
  3. 5 piece nesting bowls. Hodakapottery :: $135
  4. slip pattern bowl. Stonewareporcelain :: $45
  5. brightly painted bowl. doublestardesign :: $42
  6. large stoneware bowl. suzzieholler :: $25 

3 thoughts on “handmade solutions #28 [outfitting your food presentation]

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my bowl among these all these beautiful artisans! I love handmade pottery, it’s so nice to use and it brightens every meal! (or midnight snack, for that matter…)

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