handmade solutions #23 [outfitting your ceiling]


[outfitting your ceiling]

i love the peaceful qualities of a mobile, (specifically in an office setting) and i love that there are a ton of options out there that are sophisticated enough for adults. the clean and modern examples i've found below are a few of my favorites. 

  1. "sprout" : inspired by the forms and movement of the reborn trees in the burnt out landscape of brisbane ranges national park, victoria australia. pukapuka :: $90
  2. this great example is made from EVA foam which makes for a very light structure that floats with the slightest of air movements. thewonderlandstudio :: $78
  3. black, modern and sophisticated, this mobile is made of safe EVA foam and beautiful stainless polished steel bars. available in a variety of colors. foamobiles :: $125
  4. a colorful star mobile with a 3 tiered design in which moravian stars are suspended invisibly from copper metal wires. theStarcraft :: $42

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