handmade solutions #19 [outfitting your glass vessels]


[outfitting your glass vessels]

i have a huge affection for moss. there's just something about it and the tiny little forms that come together to make a whole. i never even considered finding something like this other than in a big box store, but here we are with a great selection made by independent artists! now i just have to narrow the list and decide which one to snatch up for myself!


1. WiltsieBridgeCS::$68  2. madebymavis::$48  3. blithegardens::$42
4. OnePunkPosy::$37  5. Greenbriar::$45  6. WarmCountryMeadows::$12 
7. dewgardenscrafts::$48  8. GnomeHomes::$42  9. CharlotteCrame::$30

2 thoughts on “handmade solutions #19 [outfitting your glass vessels]

  1. I a terrarium from Charlotte Cramer last week and highly recommend her work – she does an incredible job with the shipping as well! Took me about 10 minutes to unwrap it all but nothing was hurt at all! The little animals she puts in them are totally cute! I got one with a panda. :-)

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