handmade solutions #17 [outfitting cold toes]


[outfitting your cold toes]

hello. my name is lori, and i have a problem. i go through slippers like water. it doesn't matter what time of year it is, i pretty much always have a pair of slippers on. since i go through so many of them, i figured i should look into a handmade option instead of giving my money to the same old box stores all the time. i was pleasantly surprised when i came across these adorable little options. 

  1. white chocolate mary jane slippers made from 100% acrylic yarn with brown accent flower. FlowerFly :: $14
  2. completely vegan ballet flat slippers, lined with padded insoles, feature a keyhole and wooden button. available in 4 colors! HydraHeart :: $48
  3. cottage blue, square toe, room shoes with t-strap feature leather patches on the soles to prevent sliding. available in 4 patterns! elephantandchickpea :: $48
  4. felted slip-on style slippers in fuschia lambswool with black cashmere inside feature an appliqued vine with glass beads. superfay :: $45  

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