handmade solutions #14 [outfitting your clothes : ruffles]


[outfitting your clothes : ruffles]

i have a thing with ruffles and clothes. i seem to have a lot. i'd like to start buying more of my clothes from independent artists, so i was searching around and thought i'd see what was out there for ruffles. here are just a few of my favorites: 


  1. comfy asymmetrical ruffle skirt. treehouse28 :: $70
  2. flirty chiffon and silk ruffle dress. makool :: $475  
  3. fantastic ribbon ruffle top. mindcargo :: $46  
  4. adorable cotton ruffle-topped dress. lissabean :: $80  

4 thoughts on “handmade solutions #14 [outfitting your clothes : ruffles]

  1. i’m not a real “ruffly” girl – i think they look great on others, just not me! – but i love that etsy has made stylish, handmade clothing available online.

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