handmade solutions #13 [outfitting your nature items : felt]


[outfitting your nature items : felt]

i have a serious obsession with hand-felted items. it's one of those crafts that i don't even like to call a craft. to me it deserves a more serious title like "art". one of my most favorite pieces that i've seen around a lot are hand-felted rocks. i want to fill a huge gigantic bowl with them and have one in each room of my house. there's just something so peaceful and calming about them.


  1. sold by the dozen, these pebbles are created using a variety of natural stone colors including sandy brown, light bluish grey pearl, medium dove grey and heathered charcoal. spiderfelt :: $33
  2. a set of 5 all-wool hand-felted pebbles in colors ranging from light, mid, and charcoal grey. each measures 1.5" – 2.5". makeyourselfpresent :: $22
  3. set of 12 pebbles in mixed spring colors. each has a diameter of approx. 3 inches. softrock :: $22
  4. pick 4 pebbles from this amazing selection of natural hues to match your home's decor. reyart :: $16
  5. this rock is obviously different than the rest in that it's not felted, but wrapped with felt and stitched closed. i just couldn't leave it out of the line-up! myimaginaryboyfriend :: $15  
  6. this set of 7 hand-felted pebbles come in this adorable box! too cute to resist. highfibre :: $28

3 thoughts on “handmade solutions #13 [outfitting your nature items : felt]

  1. Lisa from lilfishstudios (etsy name) also makes really nice felt rocks. hers are mossy :) we traded some goodies, and I got a few in my package. They’re gorgeous and I feel so happy when I see them! They have a wonderful weight that just doesn’t seem quite right with the softness of the felt!

  2. so i made some felted rocks for our wedding to weight down the guest book pages (we had a typewriter and loose sheets). i thought i was being so creative – a felted rock how ironic. now i see nothing is totally original. oh well!

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