handmade solutions #12 [outfitting your jewelry : wood theme]


[outfitting your jewelry : wood theme]

it seems that people can’t get enough wood themed/grained products these days. from paper, to porcelain, to jewelry, it’s everywhere. instead of going to the big box stores to buy cheap wooden jewelry made in china, i thought i’d search around for some true-blue-handmade-with-love jewelry for my ever expanding collection. here are some great examples.


  1. this olive wood cuff is stunning. i love that the natural “flaws” in the wood are appreciated here and that it’s not just tossed aside for it’s “imperfections”. (if you notice, the string for the tag is actually going through a knot in the wood. love it!) made by loving hands and guaranteed to fit. prasseindesignstudio :: $84
  2. i love the simplicity of these ebony wood hoop earrings which are finished with a medium sheet tung oil and silver plated french ear wires. at only 1 5/8 inches, they’re a nice petite earring for everyday wear. inbloomdesigns :: $25
  3. ok, i love, love, love, love, love this necklace. (and just about all the rest in their etsy shop) it is literally made from a budding branch which is set onto a rectangular wooden pendant. the hand-stained brown wood and glossy lacker finish off the gorgeous piece. check out the rest of their shop for other objects from nature including tiny leaves and even moss! vohandmade :: $22
  4. last but not least is a gorgeous jarrah wood and titanium ring. i bought a similar one from this shop about a year ago for my husband and he loves it. the craftsmanship of their work is amazing. every wood piece is turned by hand on the lathe and the titanium is hand milled. robandlean :: $135

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