handmade solutions #10 [outfitting your drinks]


[outfitting your drinks]

one of our goals this year in our house is to go through room by room and purge, purge, purge. we started two rooms this weekend, and it's amazing how good it feels! While getting rid of so many things, I came across some coasters that we’ve had forever. They were cool when we got them, but now I just don’t feel like they fit. I had a picture in my head of exactly what I wanted and after a quick search, I found a few that met my criteria. You can see them here. Coasters

  1. made with 100% recycled materials, this first set of coasters is a simple design of brown wool felt with blue accent stitching. CherryLime :: $15/set of 4 
  2. i love the neutral grey of these coasters which is made from a retired wool sweater. simple accent stitching accents the edges. reVisionDesign :: $16/set of 4 
  3. these flower embellished coasters are so pretty. the time that goes into each one shows through. (this entire shop is full of breathtaking felt products!) rosetutu :: $12/set of 4 
  4. made of wool felt, these hand-stitched coasters feature a simple bird in the corner of each. FeltLunchbox :: $5/set of 4

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