this one’s for amanda :: handmade moccasins

darlingtonia - handmade gray moccasins

this post is dedicated to my very excellent friend, amanda:

amanda loves her some moccasins. well, these are some most excellent moccasins, made by darlingtonia.

each pair is cut, punched, laced, and sewn by hand. embellishments are added and fabulous pups are used as photo props. what can i say? i love this shop!

darlingtonia - blue flower moccasins

darlingtonia - green leather moccasins

handmade leather moccasins by darlingtonia :: starting at $119

6 thoughts on “this one’s for amanda :: handmade moccasins

  1. YES! i have been obsessively making mocs for myself for a few months, and have yet to have a pair turn out *just right*
    These are so cute! I’m headed over to check out the shop right now!

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