handmade holiday :: free for all friday!

handmade holiday 2009

fabric wreath by minttint

san  11.19.08
wreath with porcelain charms by four by 2

Linen Christmas Wreath
linen christmas wreath by goingsewcrazy

red, green , white and grey
red, green, white, & grey felt wreath by knitalatte

Mini Felted Wool Wreath
mini felted wool wreath by bella dia

i’m generally not one to get into the holidays too soon – probably a reaction to too many years spent in the retail industry. but the bottom line is that a handmade holiday takes a bit more time to prepare. there are supplies to buy for your own craft projects, there are gifts to be made, and gifts to be bought from artists & crafters who need time to make & ship your gifts. the better prepared you are, the more joy your handmade holiday will bring!

so i’m starting now and i hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride!

i’ll be sharing more handmade holiday inspiration over the coming weeks. if you’re interested in sharing a promotion with scoutie girl readers to kick off your holiday selling season, please post in the comments below with your discount, link to your shop, and an end date. clearly mark it “handmade holiday.” i’ll also be hosting several giveaways and have a couple more spots open. if you’re interest, email [email protected]

finally, if you’re interested in guest posting here to share your handmade holiday memories or traditions, email me!

and as always, this is free for all friday! if you have a promotion, new product or project, blog posts, or just fun things to share – leave a comment here!

see ya monday!

6 thoughts on “handmade holiday :: free for all friday!

  1. What a great opportunity! Thank you Tara! :)
    Here’s my Handmade Holiday offer:
    In all November I’ll give a little present with my purchases, which could be a ring, a bracelet or an earring, depending on what you purchase. And they will match too! :) The only condition is, your entire order must be at least 20 dollars(excluding shipping). It’s a treat, only for Scoutie Girl readers! Offer is until November 30th and will be valid with the code ‘Handmade Holiday’.


  2. tara, what lovely wreaths to quietly sing
    handmade holiday…I am a former
    retailer as well…turned musician
    and simple art maker..

    SIMPLE BIRDs and SONG BIRDs in my
    shop 25% off to Scoutie readers
    until November 20th


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