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Hi everyone! I'm absolutely thrilled to be one of ScoutieGirl's new guest-posters.  Each week I'll be bringing you handmade, hard-to-find or otherwise unique crafting supplies. This week is all about handmade buttons. I've recently finished some knitting projects and have had a hard time trying to find unique buttons to finish them off. It feels a little like doing my knitting a disservice when I just sew on some store-bought, mass-produced buttons, so for these projects I really wanted something special. After all, the finishing touches can always make or break a project. Much to my surprise and delight Etsy has an abundance of really fabulous handmade buttons. Like most things on Etsy, the prices are more than reasonable and the range of materials is astounding. There are even some eco-friendly options, like buttons made from found sea-glass, what a great idea! (see link #8) I rounded up a few of my absolute favorites and now my only problem is trying to decide which one's to buy!
1. Chrysanthemum pewter button by Mamacita Beadworks $2.99
2. Pearl shell buttons by StoneMe $6
3. Clay buttons by Mudcakes $8
4. Ceramic tile and copper foil buttons by Hey Buttons! $4.00
5. Buttons covered in various materials from Modnaros by Tennekka $8.22
6. Knitted rose buttons by Amanda Sansbury $18
7. Large wood button by Wook Woodworking $7
8. Sea glass buttons by Swept from the Sea $12.00
9. Stone buttons by Made for Fun $6

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