Guest Post: The Ultimate Culinary Creative Gift Guide

The Ultimate Culinary Creative Gift Guide

Jacqueline L. Sears, MPH, CPH is Momma to two young boys, owner of MamaBorn, and blogger at Marbles Rolling. She is a childbirth educator and a professional birth doula. She writes from the heart on life and mothering.


If you’re wondering what to gift to the passionate, hardworking, and hedonistic foodie in your life, or just need a few ideas for yourself, look no further! I’ve got some goodies to inspire your gifting this Holiday Season.

  1. Cross-back apron: A flattering and functional apron to take her from garden to stove-top. $78.
  2. Foodshed magazine subscription: For the Mid-Atlantic culinary artist, this is a gorgeous quarterly that tells the stories of the people producing local and sustainable food. Your recipient will learn more about how to participate in the local food movement, what to buy, from whom, and most importantly why. $23.
  3. Fermentation crock: Does your giftee can cukes, beans, and other veggies? Do they have a baby scoby, and are they a huge fan of lacto-bacili? Then it’s time they take it to the next level with a ceramic fermentation crock. This classic white version with blue stripes will brighten up any kitchen and expand their fermentation repertoire. $119.
  4. Linen napkins: Cloth napkins can turn a simple meal into an experience, plus they’re friendly to the environment. These bold and brightly colored linen napkins will get softer with each wash. No fuss, classy, family friendly. $12 each.
  5. Tulip weck jars: These pretty silhouettes are a true pleasure for storing homemade sauces, condiments, and leftovers, or as reusable gifting vessels. Price varies.
  6. Paella pan: Stainless steel for durability with a hint of gold plated glamour. $69.
  7. Smoked paprika trio: Essential to Spanish cooking, this intensely smoky spice will warm up and elevate the flavor profile of their dishes year ‘round. The trio sampler offers the sweet, bittersweet, and spicy varieties. $17.
  8. Fresh herb wreath: Cheer up any kitchen with this lovely, fragrant, and functional wreath of rosemary, bay leaves, sage and oregano. $50.
  9. Pastry stripe linen kitchen towels: A utilitarian and versatile towel is a small and deserving luxury for the busy home cook. Beautiful to look at and luxurious to touch, these towels will become their favorite kitchen accessory. Wipe up spills, drape loosely over rising dough, wrap-up warm bread for serving. $22 for a set of two.
  10. Ripe and Tender cookbooks: Oh the writing!  Oh the photographs! Oh the food! Written by Nigel Slater, these books are a gift for the heart and mind of the foodie. Buy one or knock their socks off with the set. Don’t forget to pen something with love on the inside flap. $40 each.
  11. Caramels: Luscious caramels made from local Homestead Creamery cream in seasonal flavors like lavender+honey, and orange+star anise. Available at select farmers markets and by custom order.
  12. Hand thrown bake set: Sculpted by hand and kiln-dried in earth-toned glazes that will complement the heart of every home. $98.
  13. Italian glass pitcher: Fantastic for fresh-squeezed juice, cold brewed tea, and fruit essence water, this glass pitcher is an instant favorite in busy kitchens. $16.
  14. Mortar and pestle: Use this beautiful set made from porcelain and wood to grind spices and herbs for pesto, pastes, and other magic. It doubles as a handsome counter ornament. $50.
  15. Maya truffle box: Surprise your happy hostess or love of your life with a box of artisan truffles from chocolatier, Tim Gearhart. They’ll be in heaven. Rich, bittersweet chocolate ganache flavored with cinnamon, ancho chili and orange, dusted with cocoa. $16, box of eight.
  16. Pickled silly sampler: They’ll be smitten with these pickled carrots, dilly beans, and spicy okra. $24.
  17. Sur La Table cooking classes: They’re a kitchen maven and yet there’s always something new to learn! Broaden basic cooking and baking skills, learn new dishes, try new flavors and techniques with the many monthly offerings. Send them alone or make it an outing for you both! $59-$100.
  18. Madagascar bourbon vanilla: Impress them with a 32oz. bottle of this quintessential all-purpose vanilla. There’s no wonder it’s the world’s most popular. If they’re serious in the kitchen, it will be gone before the ground begins to thaw. $40.
  19. The Art of Simple Food II: This follow-up anthology to her classic release in 2007 is vegetable based and full of the good stuff that Alice Waters is so well known for. $22.
  20. Baker’s twine: A kitchen staple for trussing a chicken, tying up garden tomato plants, and serving as the perfect craft string for projects. Go current with a pretty hued twine in orchidso close to Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, they’ll be setting trends and taking names. Check out the rainbow of colors available at the Twinery. There’s sure to be a perfect match for your foodie. $15.
  21. Butter London nail lacquer: Bring a little glamour to the modern chef, add a little spice in the kitchen. Full-on molten gold nail lacquer in Full Monty. $15.
  22. Kombucha supply: For the creative who cares for their baby scoby almost as well as they care for their own family, Kombucha Brooklyn has you covered with everything they need to brew and bottle their own kombucha with pizazz and finesse. Pick out a thing or two to help perfect their brew or gift them with an all-in-one home brew kit. This fruit flavor sampler looks like fun, too. Prices vary.
  23. Custom tags, markers, and labels: Appeal to their crafty side with this dieline kit to add a personal touch to gifts of homemade, and homegrown foods. Used in conjunction with the Lifestyle Crafts rolling machine. $39.
  24. Babysitting: Offer to watch their little ones so they can enjoy an evening out at their favorite restaurant. Free!
  25. Cornucopia farmer’s market back pack: A modern rucksack design and sturdy backpack straps combine to offer the perfect bag for hauling market bounty in comfort and style. $62.
  26. Culinary getaways, foodie tours, and cooking vacations: If a splurge is in the budget, these extravagant weekend or overnight trips offer everything a foodie’s heart desires with local destinations, immaculate accommodations, tasting meals, cooking classes, private tours, and exciting surprises at every turn. Prices vary, search by location.

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