Guest Post: In Praise of the Comfort Zone

In Praise of the Comfort Zone // Tara Leaver

Tara Leaver is a writer and artist exploring the exciting possibilities of paint from her home studio based in Brighton in the UK. As an artist, energy worker and creative guide, Tara uses her experiences with making art, her intuitive gifts and her knowledge of energy healing to encourage and support courageous souls to reconnect with their creative selves. Her book and ecourse, both entitled ‘Creative Spark’, are helping people rediscover their long-lost inner artists.


Lately in my work I’ve got very caught up in ‘going beyond my comfort zone’. It is so often expounded as the thing to do when you’re diving into making your dreams come to life. There’s definitely sound reasoning behind that, but I want to take a few moments to consider the benefits of spending time in your comfort zone and why you might want to do that too.

  1. Safety. Often, when we feel safe is when we feel bravest; from within my comfort zone of what is familiar, what I know how to do, I feel strong and able to tackle what lies beyond. Just the act of allowing myself to do something that’s easy for me releases the pressure to ‘be brave’ and makes me want to take action without even needing to have courage.
  2. Confidence. In your comfort zone you know what to do and how to do it to get the best results. When the waters get choppy out on the open sea, I’ve found it’s totally permissible to come back into my own personal harbour, do something that boosts my confidence and then I’m ready to get back out there.
  3. Ease. There’s this pervading belief that if something isn’t difficult it’s either not worth doing or won’t produce stellar results. But really, why should something be a struggle for it to be worthwhile?! It’s true that we learn through the contrast that adversity brings, but there are other ways to grow too. I am fully invested in growth but have learned the hard way {!} that doing it through pain just makes everything harder and slower. Which is not to say I don’t still do that, just that I’ve realised there are other approaches!
  4. Power. The comfort zone is where I can power up. I can do something I love to do and find easy and fluid, and it charges me up with the energy I need to step out into the unknown and deal with whatever arises.
  5. Space. Oh how I love space! Space is where I can take big breaths and be really present in my body and to my experience. The pressure of the area beyond the comfort zone can quickly become overwhelming ~ so much new information to discover and integrate, as well as the fears that that can bring. Hanging out in my comfort zone gives me space to remember who I am so I have a stronger platform from which to bounce out there and navigate new and exciting territory.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for stepping boldly into the unknown, trying new things, stretching ourselves and expanding our personal range. There is no denying that not much new happens in the comfort zone, but for me that is rather the point. I think it gets maligned as being too safe, too boring, too comfortable.

Sometimes though, I think the comfort zone is exactly where we need to be.

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: In Praise of the Comfort Zone

  1. Well written Tara. And yes, while it’s great to sometimes step out of our comfort, particularly when we’re in a rut and can’t seem to shake things up, there are many excellent reasons as you point out for staying within that comfort zone. We know exactly who we are and sometimes that’s enough.

  2. Love this, Tara, it felt so much like a very encouraging and reassuring post.
    It made me wonder if “staying in the comfort zone as long as you need to will help you grow wings to leave it from time to time” (just made that up) might become a new motto (for a sketchbook maybe)
    thank you for your wonderful thoughts.
    best, Nic

  3. I love this article! Sometimes we all push too hard to be and stay outside our comfort zone. But there is a lot to be said for being comfortable now and then. It’s like declaring pajama day, reading a book, and sitting by the fire – some days that’s just what it takes to inspire and kick-start a new project! Thank you for reminding us Tara!

  4. Thank you Rhonda! Yes, that reminds me of something I heard a while ago; if I don’t go within, I go without. Pyjama day definitely counts as going within in this case I think!

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