Guest Post: DIY Boxwood Mini Wreaths

DIY Boxwood Mini Wreath

Laura Trevey is the founder of Bright, Bold, & Beautiful where she shares entertaining ideas, home decorating tips, and beautiful home tours. She also has an art shop on Etsy where she sells her watercolor paintings and prints.


Hi Amanda, thanks for much for inviting me to guest post on Scoutie Girl, what an honor! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are officially in the holiday season. I thought I would share my DIY boxwood mini wreaths with you. These are so easy to make and require few materials. Dress up your doorknobs, hang in your office, or give to a friend. Cheers!

DIY Boxwood Mini Wreath


  • boxwood clippings
  • green florist wire
  • red ribbon
  • red and white baker’s twine


  • clippers
  • wire cutters


  1. Using your clippers, cut fresh boxwood clippings.
  2. Try to get a long strand, or you can attach two boxwood pieces together with the florist wire.
  3. Tie both branch ends together with the florist wire, making a circle.
  4. Take your red ribbon and tie one knot on the wreath, and tie another knot around 6″ apart.
  5. This second knot will allow you to hang your wreath on a hook or door knob.
  6. To make a festive garland, make several wreaths and tie them to red and white baker’s twine.
  7. Hang!

DIY Boxwood Mini Wreath

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