guest post: confessions of a paint from home mom

Wendy Brightbill continues the conversation about how creative living fits into the bigger picture of life…

tara, it is so nice to know that i am not the only one who lets the dishes pile up in her sink. i often have friends who ask me, how do you find time to paint as a stay at home mom? well, i make time. and just like tara, i don’t really do it all either. so let’s lay it all out on the table.

my name is wendy brightbill. i am a paint from home mom and i have a few confessions to make.

my children often stay in their pajamas until noon unless we have somewhere to go.

i often stay in my pajamas until noon all day unless i have somewhere to go or someone coming to visit. (until noon should be crossed out, but I don’t have that option in email)

my pajamas (and some of my clothes) have paint stains all over them and i kind of like them that way.

my kitchen table has matte medium plastered all over it.

my washing machine and i have a very broken relationship, we are not on speaking terms at the moment.

what is a mop?

i don’t even flinch when my daughter gets into the art markers and colors all over her face.

i let the little things go.

my beautiful macbook laptop was once covered in green crayon… very sad day.

i have made a decision that i will not apologize for having a messy home.

what is a shower?

i have stopped pretending that i am good at paperwork. i don’t know why i lied to myself in the first place. (the best day ever was when my husband hired an administrative assistant for his business. she now handles all the paperwork.)

curious george and i are best friends. i know every single episode.

naptime is my favorite time of the day. my paintbrush and i get reacquainted.

the truth is that, no, i don’t have time to paint. but my family deserves to have a mom and wife who is fulfilled and following her dreams. the cost of not following my heart is far greater. i would be a grumpy disillusioned mess. and i was before i discovered my creative life. i am a better wife and mother when i am happy. and i am happy when i am creating. period.

Wendy Brightbill is a girl and her brush. She blogs about her life, family, and artistic journey to find hope, life & joy through her brush. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase her original works & prints.

22 thoughts on “guest post: confessions of a paint from home mom

  1. finally someone who says what i wanted to say! my husband has come to realize that if i go and sew for a couple hours after dinner, instead of watching tv with him, it’s good for me. i need the creative time.

  2. This post really made me chuckle and smile. Love the honestly you are using here-just like Tara! Man I need to learn now to let go of more *sigh* I am slowly learning how..So THIS was the guest post you referenced on the video? neato!

  3. I love this. I’m not currently a mom, but I totally agree with the sentiments about being creative and being happy and how that’s more important to all relationships, because otherwise you’re unhappy and grumpy, sulky, not so fun to be around.

    Wendy, you go, lady!

  4. I adore this post. I’m with Lesley; I’m not currently a mom, either, but there is something so powerful about feeding the creative soul. I need this creative time, too. It’s a must in my life.

  5. It takes a happy mom to keep a kid happy. Kids don’t understand the mess, or the piles of dirty laundry, but they understand when mommy is grumpy, they sense it and it effects them a lot. If you follow your dream, you will teach your children do the same.

  6. I love these confessions…I know we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. It’s important to have that “me” time… we all need it!

  7. When I read this, I asked myself, “what is a ‘show-er?’ someone who shows houses? a show-er not a grow-er?”

    Then I realized. A shower.

    I guess, I am your kind of paint at home mom, too.

    Yes. This is how I roll, too.

  8. Some of those confessions truly do hit home. My laundry and I can’t see eye to eye most of the time, and that’s just the beginning! You know what, though? Sometimes, pajamas are the best create-at-home outfits. :)

  9. Thanks for all of the awesome comments everyone! You have really made my day and it is so nice to know that I am not alone in all of my crazy behaviors. It is easy to be hard on yourself when you are not doing it all every day, especially when you are a mom. I am so happy to have all of you as my creative community.

  10. Ha ha, this made me laugh – as my partner is currently away for 3 weeks and I now realise JUST how much he does – in terms of washing dishes, washing clothes, picking up clothes off the floor and generally keeping things neat. I just do not think to do it, my priorities are not clean clothes and clean dishes but rather to create a new design or another pair of earrings. I think my washing machine may be about to receive the same break up letter (and my hoover and my stove)!

  11. I love this more then I can stand! You are so right about being happy and fulfilled. I think that is the best message you can send to your children…it will let them know that who they are matters too.
    My macbook cover has remnants of the inside of glow sticks. Not that long ago I wanted to paint with that goo and then take pictures of it…it got a little all over the place.

  12. Oh, this is so true. I have always believed that in order to raise strong, thoughtful, curious and content children you have to set an example. If I am not fulfilling my own dreams and making myself happy through my artistic endeavours, what do I have to offer my children? I want them to be proud of me, as I am of them.

    And frankly, the shower (optional most days), laundry (not even on the radar if I can help it) and tidying are just too lown down the priority scale to mention.
    My bedsheets have a beautiful design which my son drew on them one evening as I was a ‘bit busy’ doing some craftiness. Not quite sure how he got his hands on the permanent marker, but at least none of it ended up on him.

    Thank you Wendy for summing it all up so magnificently. I am keeping your closing paragraph handy, in case I forget and worry that I should really be getting dressed (so far, not happening today…!).

  13. I love this post Wendy – thank you for sharing your enlightened approach.

    I totally agree with Marla – me having a bit of sewing time makes me a much nicer person to be around for my husband and toddler in the long run!

    Yes I have the guilt about the pile of ironing, the dust behind the TV, the emergency dinner of fishfingers, chips and beans…. but this sort of post helps me get perspective and realise that having a clean floor isn’t the most important thing for me or my little boy – he’d far rather have a den full of his favourite cars and a cup of milk. Happy day.

    It’s great to be in the company of fellow craft slobs (good luck AlexandraUK with your markered bed sheets!) Elle xox

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