Guest Post: 5 Tips for Gaining Confidence

Amber Kane is a high school art teacher, accessory designer and creativity educator from Mechanisburg, Pa, where she lives with her husband, dog and cat.  Amber has always been interested in pushing boundaries, breaking rules, and asking questions. Challenging the status quo is a common thread through everything that she does. Through her one-of-a-kind handwoven scarves and creativity classes, she wants to bring more confidence and game changers into the world. You can also find Amber on Facebook.


This time of year I find myself in a space of reflection. As I reflect on conversations, goals, and life, an underlying theme of confidence is emerging.

Friends and family would likely tell you that I’ve always displayed a level of confidence, it was just in me. However, 7 years ago when life changed from my being a student to  an adult, the word confidence took on a new meaning, and was challenged on a daily basis, causing me to go on my own confidence-building journey. Though my journey I pushed myself to leave my comfort zone, and become clear on my beliefs, values, and vision for life.

And as I reflect, move forward, and teach, it seems that everything in life is connected to confidence.

  • You’re more likely to land that job if … you’re confident
  • You won’t settle for an “okay” relationship if … you’re confident
  • You’ll stand up to the bully and tell them to back off if … you’re confident
  • You’ll do that thing that you’ve always been afraid of if … you’re confident
  • You’ll speak up if … you’re confident
  • You’ll fight for the change that you know needs to happen if … you’re confident
  • You’ll walk away from the job that is slowly killing you to pursue the one you love if … you’re confident
  • You’ll make a bigger impact on the world if … you’re confident

I could keep writing this list for pages, but I think you get my point. Confidence is a game changer for both you and the world around you, and we  need more of you to step into your confidence and step up towards your potential.

Amber Kane

Tips for stepping into your confident self:

  1. When you’re afraid, stop and take the time to ask yourself what is it you are really afraid of? Ask yourself, “What is the worst case scenario?” Then go and do it.
  2. Practice sitting up straight and walking taller. This might seem strange, but give it try, you’ll feel better.
  3. Take small steps to leaving your comfort zone. The more you leave your comfort zone, the more confident you’ll become.
  4. Pay attention to what items in your closet make you feel good and look good, and wear them a lot. When I need an extra confidence boost I put on a pair of wedges, one of my one-of-a-kind scarves, and an awesome statement ring.
  5. Take time to reflect and understand your strengths and weaknesses, focus on the strengths. Often you try to be good at too many things, and it leaves you feeling like a failure. We’re not all good at everything, and that’s okay.

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