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growth as a business owner is a fickle thing. there’s a reason why the term “growing pains” exists. it’s something that i, myself have been through, in a huge way, over the last year or so.

i’ve come to the point in my business/life* where i want to focus on the things i love doing, and spend a lot less time on the things i’m not so crazy about. this means making some big changes in the way i have been doing things.

the growth that i’m seeking is not necessarily measured in sales, revenue, or profits. the growth i’m looking for in my business will hopefully help aid my growth as a wife and mother. my current schedule of working 24 hours 7 days a week is not very conducive to being the best i can for my family. in fact, i’m pretty sure that it makes me miserable to be around most of the time.

over the last year i’ve been slowly putting things into place to help with achieving these goals. of course, putting these things into place has been stressful in and of itself. however, i’m hoping that in a very short while, things will be very different. i’m hoping that by making these changes, it will allow me to work much less and give me more time to grow with my family. more time to spend with my boys while they’re still young, more blowing bubbles, more trips to the park, more watching movies in the middle of the day. more time for date nights with my hubby. more time to work on crafty projects for myself.

growth is not always measured on a scale of being bigger or better. sometimes growth is measured on a scale of happiness.

*find more about my life as a stationery entrepreneur and mother on my blog: paisley wallpaper

6 thoughts on “growth :: in measure

  1. Yes! what a wonderful post, lori. I can relate on every level. I am constantly struggling for that balance that will fulfill my creative needs and the needs of my family. On top of my kids’ needs, of course, is my need to see them and enjoy them more in the moment. When work is in the back of my mind, that’s sometimes hard to achieve! I would hate to look back and think I’ve missed out.
    I applaud you in taking the steps to make it all happen. I am going to strive for the same. good luck to you! [love the pics of your boys, what dolls!]

  2. So well said, Lori! I wish I had the proper words to tell you how much I appreciate this post! I’ve often feel guilty that I’m not more ambitious with my business…but I am so happy that I have time to do the things I love and spend time with the people I love…I really enjoy the balance. Thank you, thank you! I feel better :)

  3. “growth is not always measured on a scale of being bigger or better. sometimes growth is measured on a scale of happiness.”

    Love this quote and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for this different take on growth.

  4. Love this Post Lori, so true. What’s cool is I’ve seen you making such strides with your business and thought they were all great things for your business – now to hear they’re going to help you in your own life as well is just wonderful to hear!

  5. Great post Lori – and so eloquently written! You are a super mom, wife & businesswoman – I’m certain your new plan will take flight and you’ll achieve what you want. :-)

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