grade school valentines

stephanie fizer - grade school valentinesflat valentines from stephanie fizer

i can’t say i have any fond memories of a specific valentine’s day. no loverly surprises, no over-the-top gifts, no declarations of undying affection.

but i do have fond memories of boxes of school valentines. there’s something about the way they slosh about in the package. small, flat, neatly cut. so much promise… always ruined by my too-quick, sloppy handwriting. super heroes, cartoon characters, puppies, disney princesses, nothing too original – but then, who puts a lot of thought into a card they’re slapping their name on and depositing in 28 classmates’ obligatory mailboxes.

oh wait, these fabulous indie designers put a lot of thought into it! you may not get the same slosh-in-a-box satisfaction that i got from my late 80s valentines – but you will get the satisfaction of having the coolest kid in school.

by the way, these aren’t just for adults. i’m totally getting in touch with the child in me and sending grade school valentines to friends & family!

three wheels design printable valentines
printable valentines from three wheels design

valentines from mew paper arts
“we were made for each other” valentines by mew paper arts

vintage-inspired valentines by buttonhead
vintage-inspired valentines by buttonhead

for more great grade school valentine’s, check out the charlotte’s fancy blog!

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6 thoughts on “grade school valentines

  1. I remember when I was in school back in Belarus boys and girls would exchange little handmade cards on Valentines Day – it was sweeet!
    These are all adorable but I especially love the second one with the girl – she looks like me!

  2. Love those vintage-inspired ones! Those are so nostalgic for me. I loved making a pouch for the front of my desk at school to collect all the Valentine’s from my classmates. My favorites were the ones with lollipops attached!

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