Goodbye Old Friends… (spoiler alert)

LOST. that was epic. no. that was epic heartbreak.

after i watched the latest lost episode entitled ‘the candidate,” i called my fellow LOST loving friend up to chat and it turned out she just got laid off from her job. she said if she had watched it the night it aired (she watched it the day after, because i begged her to) she might have jumped off her balcony. it was that sad.

and yes, i did cry. i heaved. i whimpered. it was like a little baby who just couldn’t stop, except that baby was me. i had to though, i owed it to them, I spent 5+ years becoming invested in these people. (and yes, i’m well aware they are still alive in the sideways world!)

anyways, today i was looking for something to cheer me up and low and behold, look what i saw:

Bolts & Bots has the CUTEST LOST bots ever. EVER. like the sayid bot (sniff):

Sayid Bot

or the sun & jin bots (double sniff):

Jin and Sun Bots

and there’s MORE, lots more. Jennifer from Bolts and Bots loves LOST as much as I do (hmm, I wonder if she cried too)

Lost Bots

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friends… (spoiler alert)

  1. Oh my gosh! i cried like a baby last night. It was soo sad. a part of me actually wished that i didnt see that scene. Im choking up as i think about it right now. So sad that that happend to sun and jin. They just loved each other so much. it brough back emotions from when i first saw titanic.

    those dolls are adorable!!!

  2. Omg I got sooo teary eyed in that scene, really. For a second I thought he could pull her out or he would leave, but aww no, he stayed. So sad. And I guess Sayid wasn’t all zombie. Such a good show! (Just a side note: poor Lapidus, no one asked about him…I know I know he’s not the core characters we’re all attached to, but I noticed :)

  3. i sobbed like a baby.

    in fact, i was sitting next to my boyfriend who only recently got acquainted with lost (because of me), and when i started crying and crying silently…and couldn’t hold it in, so, feeling embarrassed…i started laughing. crying and laughing. crying + lauhing=craughing. it’s all the rage!

    saddest. submarine. ever.

  4. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one treay eyed, my husband though I’d lost my mind!

    I’m addicted to the show, and can’t believe it’s about to end.

    We are going to Kauai in three weeks, this is where they shoot the show! Myabe I’ll run into Sawyer!

  5. Oh my goodness…I was layed off from my job on Tuesday too !!!…I didn’t want to jump off a balcony…but I watched LOST…I cried a lot, but because I can’t figure out what’s going to happen..and I want to the characters to survive in present time :) :)

  6. I cried too- soooo sad. I love all of the characters and am really just sad to see the show end :( I really wasn’t expecting so many deaths this episode though :(
    Those LOST bots made me smile. <3

  7. i’ll admit it.
    i balled. i yelled.
    i asked the tv to go back and make it not happen.
    i was mad.
    i still kinda am.
    i mean come on… what did they even have one day together before they died???

  8. OMG I know…it was so unbelievably sad. I kept saying “this isn’t happening, right?”!! I still refuse to believe it…I think somehow they’ll go on in the other life :) Thanks for posting these as a cheer up…they’re awesome!

  9. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who cried! I was crying like a baby snuggled up on the couch…I’m so sad that this show is’s my fave ever!!

  10. don’t know how i missed this post….i cried like a baby, too. i’m still in denial b/c who knows which time frame or afterlife or planet they’re on…maybe it didn’t really happen! even as i was retelling it to someone, i got too choked up to talk!

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