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something a little different for a mid-morning post! the dear Miss B [from the blah blah blahg and the bright side project] was kindly kind enough to list Scoutie Girl in blog hunt list as a blog that "has admirable qualities." Yay – do tell, do tell Miss B! seemed a little more fun than a regular tag, so i thought i'd dig into my blog reader and play along. feel free to create your own blog hunt whether your blog is listed here or not. grabbing a blog for each one made me realize: (1) i desperately need to update the blogs in the left sidebar over yonder, (2) i don't venture out of a 'business' blogzone too much, and (2) this was very hard to choose – i could list all 200 blogs in my reader for each one!!!  

link a blogger who… 
has an online shop: things that make my day
has flawless taste:  cafe cartolina

has admirable qualities: make it
has awesome links to other blogs: jenn ski

is an artist: maquette
is intriguing: yummy goods

is a daily read: design*sponge, decor8, poppytalk
is an old favorite: sommer designs
is creative: betz white
is a designer: cicada daydream
is wildly prolific: treasuring, a print a day, creative thursday

features fabulous layouts: heart handmade, creature comforts, modish
features loveliness: please sir
features fantasticness: creativadoration
lives far away: lu summers
lives pretty close: handmade in pa, indie fixx 
takes fantastic photographs: heather smith jones
tells great stories: aunty cookie
crafts up a storm: how about orange
writes about life: dooce

gives fabulous recipes: berlin's whimsy
gives fabulous tips: curbly, shelterrific
makes me believe in the goodness of people:
operation nice
makes me want to be her best friend: artsyville
makes me laugh: sweet potato pie
**are the best guest bloggers on the planet:
paper n stitch  ||  art features by brittni wood on mon afternoons
doobleh-vay  ||  'brief introductions' by amy turn sharp on tues mornings
sweet inspiration  ||  'eye candy' by lisa kelley on wed mornings
paisley wallpaper  ||  'handmade solutions' by lori dunbar on wed afternoons
inklore  ||  'pounced & found' by sam hirst on thurs afternoons
alamodestuff  ||  'zoomed local' by linda demers on fri afternoons
vadjutka  ||  'then & now' by judit wild on last fri of each month

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