going home to roost + special offer


Bonnie Forkner's etsy shop – home to roost – features her creatively made aprons, pillows & teatowels with little nature motifs. she uses combinations of fabric, lace and felt to give her designs a pretty, home-sewn feel. she recently launched her blog – going home to roost – with a similar handmade look. in her words: "going home to roost is dedicated to a simpler way of life and focuses on handmade style and design. it features talented artisans, designers & eco indieprenuers. it also includes some handmade how-to’s, recipes and whole-living tips to boot.  it's purpose is to provide daily inspiration and to allow its readers to feed their creative mind!"

s p e c i a l  o f f e r:
b/c Scoutie Girl provided so much inspiration to her, she is kindly offering 5 free banner ad spots exclusively to Scoutie Girl readers whose indie biz compliments the handmade lifestyle and the overall vibe of her blog. she'll be reviewing submissions sent via email to [email protected].

winners will receive a 150 x 150 ad spot, a small blurb in the body of the blog, and she'll email ad stats at the end of the month.

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